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This is the secret formula used by authors, screenwriters and marketing experts worldwide.  Learn how to capture attention and inspire action. 

I'll remove all the mystery and guesswork for you - and, you don't need to be a book nerd or a lit major. This is the ultimate guide for leaders, coaches, and speakers to increase your impact (and be well-paid to do it!).

Imagine how it will feel to have this in-demand skill - and to create the change you really want to make!

Meet Your Instructor

I'm Chris Williams, host of The Badass Agile Podcast, and head coach of The Forge. My mission is to deliver the elite skills that make successful leaders and creators.

I teach agility, simplicity, resilience and innovation to private and corporate clients. I'm also stoked to FINALLY be using that English Literature background to bring you ELEVATE!!


Stand Out From The Noise 

AI is exploding right now, and social is as strong as ever. 

And when content is easier to make AND in high demand, there's going to be more of it. That means it will be even harder to stand out from the noise. BUT...that means authentic, unique voices will rise to the top.  

So guess what the high-demand skills will be?  The ability to move audiences with your words is rare and highly prized. LinkedIn says the #1 In-demand workplace skill for 2024 Is Communication.

"Storytellers Rule The World"

Stories create authentic connection.  They're also 20x more memorable than facts, and nearly 60% of people say they remember more of what they hear through stories.

If you can create more impact, more diversity and inclusion, more connection, more alignment, and more emotional intelligence, you create opportunities to advance.  You increase your value.

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Create Motion With Your Stories

Influence doesn‚Äôt happen in a boardroom.¬†No one says ‚Äúthat was so inspiring‚ÄĚ after seeing your slideshow full of graphs.

When you learn how to tell a genuine story, you move people.

I'm going to show you how to write powerful stories that get heads nodding and mouths saying 'yes'.   Imagine how that will FEEL!  The only thing standing in the way of getting everything you want from NOW ON is your ability to tell a story. 

I’ll teach you how to create powerful, relatable stories that:

  • make you a more¬†effective coach
  • amplify your brand
  • create rapport with peers and customers
  • close deals
  • motivate teams
  • convince leadership
  • inspire and influence people

You’ll have the power to create stories on the fly. You’ll also learn how to perfect and refine stories, so that you're never again lost for something to say. Picture the confidence this would give you.

It's easier than you think.  The only problem is, you've been doing it trial-and-error.  That takes forever, and how will  you know when you've got it right?

There's a simple recipe that ANYONE can use TODAY that will instantly improve the way you deliver your message.  No degree required, and no theoretical frameworks.

You'll go from failing to persuade and impact (and wondering WHY) to effective and influential - in just a few DAYS. 

And...I'll be right beside you at each step!

Who This Is For

  • Leaders
  • Facilitators and trainers
  • Public speakers
  • Podcasters and bloggers
  • Marketers and salespeople
  • Influencers, content creators and writers
  • Coaches and mentors
  • Anybody who craves the freedom to use their authentic, distinct voice in their daily work

Here's How I'll Help You Master The Art of Storytelling!

You'll Learn The Most Potent Secrets

of the memorable stories that move us!

Release Your Inner Critic

by learning practices that defeat the blank page!

Build Confidence Fast!

With effective and fun templates for stories of every kind and size!

Everything You Need To Be A Legendary Storyteller

My Get Good Fast Formula

Learn the most important stuff in the first 30 minutes so you can instantly put your new skills into action.

Selected Story Reviews

Send your stories in!  I'll review a selection of student works in upcoming bonus videos and lives!

Strength In Numbers!

Create peer groups with fellow students so you can support each other and grow even faster.

Bite-Sized Video Content

5-10 minute chunks of content make learning memorable and easy to consume.

Anytime, Anywhere

Content is available via web and mobile app so you can learn at your pace, anytime.

Loads of Examples

Learn from our cultural greats so you can easily see the techniques in action and apply them to YOUR stories.

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